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This phase consist of the production of construction drawings in CAD (computer aided design). Our office has started using the latest architectural computer software – REVIT which is now the industry standard. REVIT builds a singular 3D computer model of the building so at any time we can share the project in 3D with the client from inside or outside the project. All necessary specifications for the project defining materials, finishes, and construction methods are included.

The final set of construction documents outline all necessary information for the builder to permit and construct the project. These construction documents form a major portion of the contractual agreement between the builder and the client.

A typical set of construction documents consists of the following:
Cover Sheet with codes, index, symbols, and abbreviations of notes

3D images of the project
Architectural Specifications
Site Plan // Survey // Landscape Plans
Door, Window, and Finish Schedules
Floor Plans // Electrical and Lighting Plans
Roof Plans // Exterior Elevations
Building Sections // Interior Elevations
Building Section Details

Structural Drawings:
Foundation Plans
Structural Framing
Structural Sections and Details


Click the image to view larger, or download the images in a pdf (1.6 mb).

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